Probation Violations

If you have been sentenced to probation by the judge after being convicted of a crime in Ohio, you must abide by the rules of the judge and the probation department. These rules often include the following:

· Agreeing to attend regular meetings with a probation officer

· Showing up to counseling or therapy sessions

· Mandatory drug tests that are administered on a frequent basis

· Avoiding locations that have been deemed off-limits

· Avoiding criminals or people who are likely to encourage bad behavior

· Not committing any misdemeanors or felonies

If you fail to follow those rules or get charged with a new offense you will be charged with a probation violation. Depending on the severity of the violation, you could be looking at fines, counseling, or even having to spend time behind bars.

Depending on the circumstances, a violation may lead to any combination of the following consequences:

· Simple Warning: This is common for first-time violations. If the violation was not serious, the probation officer may remain recommend that you remain on probation.

· Rehabilitation: If you were found to be intoxicated in public or if a chemical test shows that you had drugs in your system, you may be required to attend a substance abuse facility.

· Fines: In some instances, your probation officer may require you to pay additional fines. These may go to the original victim, the probation agency, or the court system.

· Counseling: It may be possible that your violation was tied to psychological issues or an anger management problem. Counseling may be the best way to remedy these issues.

· Increased Probationary Period: While your violation may not be severe, it may warrant extending your probation. This is often done in lieu of reimposing suspended jail time.

· Incarceration: This is normally reserved for serious or repeat violations. The judge can reinstate your reserved jail or prison time as a consequence.

Attorney Walter J. Benson has defended thousands of probation violations during his almost three decades in practice. If you or a loved one is accused of a probation violation, let Attorney Benson’s experience work for you.

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